styles fur miles mobile pet salon in riverside

 our goal is to take care of the needs of 

you & your dog or cat

Styles fur Miles Mobile Pet Salon mobile pet grooming gives you the option to have the same Groomer for every visit and develop a lasting relationship with someone that wants to learn and know the needs of your Pet and you.

Your Groomer will check your pets for any noticeable needs from their heads to their tails and alert you of them. 

 We Groom with no cages and use a variable force dryer to fluff your Pet to help loosen any excess undercoat and dandruff, this with brushing will help stimulate the skin to help promote shiny, healthier, coat.

*Mobile Dog & Cat Grooming*

*Same Groomer Every Time*

*Most Size Breeds Dogs*

*No Cages*

*Bath with Conditioner and or Flea Treatment*

*Hand Blown Dry*

*Creative Clipping and Styling for Dogs & Cats*

*Hygiene Clip*

*Anal Glands Expressed*

*Clip and or Sand Nails*

*Check and Clean Ears*



Servicing parts of Riverside, Ca. Areas:

Corona, Woodcrest, La Sierra, Gavilin, Lake Mathews, Norco,

Perris, Canyon Crest, Orange Crest, Inland Empire, Moreno Valley

Call Styles Fur Miles at :  951 833-6649

Will give quotes over phone 


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